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The Marryoke is a free fun complimentary sing along feature that you can add to any of our photobooth packages. Availability is subject to conditions and we will discuss these with you. 1) we have a Marryoke trained member of staff available for your event. 2) A lyrics video is available of your chosen song. 3) The location of the booth in your chosen venue is ideal to be able to hear the song(s) used for Marryoke. This can be effected by proximity of the booth to the DJ, if it's in the same room there is no guarantee the music can be heard 4) That your guests are up for singing and dancing. 5) This is a free feature and there is no guarantee that it can be included on the day of your event. We'll do our upmost possible to make it a part of your day, but is up to our staffs discretion if for any reason they may not run the feature. As it is a free feature, there is no monetary value for the purpose of it's inclusion.
Please provide the name of the band/group/artist and the title of the song.
Not every song is available, or sometimes we might be able to squeeze in a second(not guaranteed). Please provide the name of the band/group/artist and the title of the song.

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