Q. How do your photo booths work?

A. All our photo booths are touch screen, they take the pictures and print them out all in one unit.

Q. How much space is needed?

A. Our free standing Kiosk photo booth requires only 60cm2, and a minimum of 4 feet from background. Our complete photo booth requires 150cm x 180cm (this includes the props table) and 240cm head height once erected.

Q. How many people can I get in the booth?

A. Our booths can easily fit up to 8 people it all depends on what booth you choose.

Comfortably you can get 8 people in our booths, though groups have been known to squeeze in 10-12 people, just take a look at our Galleries to see for your self!

Q. Can I customise my background or curtain?

A. Sure you can. We have a wide range of colours to choose from or you can customise it with your own patterns, logos or images for an extra cost. This is a great idea for corporate events and product launches.

Q. Can I have colour or black and white prints?

A. Absolutely, we offer a range of different colour effects that your guests can choose from.

Q. Can we choose a different print layouts?

A. Sure, we have a wide variety of layouts to choose from, or you can discuss with out team to design your perfect layout.

Q. Can I choose to have branding on my prints?

A. Absolutely! When you book our booths we will automatically ask you what you would like and our graphic designer will make the rest happen free of charge.

Q. Do we get unlimited photos?

A. Yes you get unlimited photos with all of our packages.

Q. What is a scrapbook?

A. The scrapbook is the perfect way to remember that special event. It is included with some of our photo booth packages, or it can be added as an extra. Every scrap book option comes with double prints. Your guests adds their picture along with a message to your scrap book. The scrap book comes in a variety of colours, or can be personalised for that extra special touch (Personalisations are provided by our loverly partners over at Designs by Nadine)

Q. Do you supply the glue and pens for the scrapbook?

A. Yes, we supply a variety of pens and glue for your guests to stick their photo in and write a little comment.

Q. Who sticks the photos in the guestbook?

A. It is up to your guests to stick in the photos, the SNAP! Chap will prompt the guests and let them know one is for the scrapbook and one for them to keep.

Q. How will I be able to view all of the photos from the event?

A. We upload all images online unto 3-4 days after your event, either in a private web gallery, or on Facebook perfect for you and all your friends to view, like, tag, and share!
We can also provide an image DVD, or second prints, both available in a select few of our packages or as extras to your customised photo booth package.

Q. How will our guests be able to view all of the photos after the event?

A. If you have opted for social integration, your guests will have the opportunity to share there pictures either on their own facebook walls, a specified facebook page or our facebook business page, and/or direct to an email address supplied (data sharing & login required, instant sharing subject to wi-fi connection). All images will be placed on our web gallery 3-4 days after the event.

Q. What if we need help during the event?

A. All of our packages come with a SNAP! Chap photo booth attendant, who will be there to help out. For corporate events, or product launches we can also provide a 2nd SNAP! Chap, and they can be utilised for promotions and outfitted in your corporate branded t-shirts.

Q. Will there be a problem if our event is on the 5th floor?

A. No, our photo booths are very portable and can be easily transported in and around venues but there may be a surcharge depending on the venue and a second assistance is required.

Q. Can it be used in marquees or outdoors?

A. Yes as long as the ground is level, there is shelter from rain & other weather conditions provided by either your self or the venue your event is hosted at and there is a power source nearby.

Q. Can we supply our own props?

A. Your more than welcome to and we encourage you to bring along any special props that your guests may enjoy. You can also customise any of our prop packages for an extra cost.

Q. Do I need consent from guest/users when using social media integration

A. Generally no, you do not need consent from your guests if you wish for your photos to be uploaded to Facebook, or to our online Gallery. It is however your responsibility to make your guests aware that this is your plan, if they wish not to have photographs of them published publicly online then they have the choose not to use the photo booth. Snaptastic is not responsible for guests reposting pictures from private online galleries if they are provided with the password, they are advised that private galleries are for viewing pleasure only and if they wish to repost pictures to social networks, to seek permission of guests presented in the photographs.

Q. Can we add extra hours?

A. By all means, add as many hours as you wish. We require at least 24 Hours notice prior to your event, and payment upfront.

Q. Is there a travel charge?

A. Yes, All bookings within the first 30 miles of travel from our studio (ST4 7PL) is free of charge, any distance beyond 30 miles is charged £5 for every 5 miles covered (minimum of £10 distance travel charge). Travel distance is classed as road distance traveled, and not distance in a straight line.

Q. How long does setup take?

A. It takes about 25-45 minutes to set up and even less to pack away, setup and collection is included in all of our prices. Unless otherwise arranged, we wish to be ready and set up before the doors are open to your guests, we allow for half an hour for your guests to arrive and get settled in before opening the photo booth, but there maybe an idle time charge if you have requested for the booth to open later than this time.

Q. What are the electricity requirements for the booth?

A. We just need one standard plug point – within 20m from booth location. If you require extension beyond this length or a power source is not supplied, extra equipment to complete the booking will be required and a surcharge will be added.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

A. Yes, a £50 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking for the photo booth. You welcome to pay for the entire booking in one go, but if not we require at least 50% of the remaining amount no less than 60 days prior to the booking date and the full amount no less than 30 days prior to your booking date.

Q. What if I cancel my booking, what happens to my deposit?

A. Your £50 deposit is non refundable, however you may change the date of your booking if you notify us at least 3 months prior to your existing booking date (subject to availability).

Q. What if I cancel my booking, can I get a refund?

A. Within the first 7 days of booking if you wish to cancel, you will receive a full refund, after 7 days we keep the non-refundable deposit, and partially refund a percentage of the remaining amount if your event date is within 3 months of cancelation. If you cancel more than 3 months prior to your booking date, your welcome to reschedule (subject to availability), or receive a refund of 100% after the deposit is subtracted.

Q. Who owns the pictures and photo rights from each event?

A. SNAPTASTIC has sole ownership of all photos taken and processed from every event.

Q. Do you have public liability insurance?

A. Yes absolutely, if you require a copy please ask.

Q. Have your photo booths been PAT tested?

A. Yes absolutely, if you require a copy please ask.

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